Bridging the IT Leadership Gap: A VCIO Solution

In a business environment that’s increasingly driven by technology, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often find themselves at a crossroads. While they understand the importance of having strong IT leadership, budget constraints often make it difficult to bring a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO) onboard. This is where the Virtual CIO (VCIO) becomes not […]

Don’t Miss the Tech Train

IT Services and Solutions Your Business Might Be Overlooking. Whether you are a CEO running a small-to-medium enterprise or an executive responsible for overseeing operations, there’s one thing you should remember: having best possible technology is not just for the big players. Sure, national and international corporations with deep pockets have access to all the […]

Will you be the victim of a phishing attack?

This example of how a simple phishing attack led to a significant financial loss is fictional, but the risks are all too real. Could it happen to you?   Introduction: In the world of increasing cybersecurity threats, sometimes the most ordinary-seeming emails can hide extraordinary risks. The story I’m about to share is an example […]

Do I need Cyber Insurance for my SME business?

In 2021, a cyber-attack was reported every eight minutes to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and surprisingly 75 per cent of reported ransomware attacks were on companies with less than 1000 staff. Those statistics alone should be enough to convince you that you need cyber insurance, however only 20% of small to medium enterprises […]

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